Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fake natural lashes?

The lashes is actually fake but natural at the same time. Confused? So was I when the sales assistant told me about this product called Angel Eyes by Tsuya Tsuya.

She then gave me a product demo on her own lashes (I couldn't let her do on mine since I had my fake lashes on). It was amazing how her tiny lashes appeared to be fuller and longer by just applying a few dabs of the product which apparently were just fiber.

Read about the products in their website. I stumbled upon them at Sungei Wang Plaza where they are being sold at RM79.00 each. I will post a picture of me after applying the products soon.

Moisture Kick

I have long hair... And apparently my husband thinks that long hair is sexy and he would kill me if I chop them off! Being a baldie and a roughie, he doesn't know and couldn't care less about taking care of them.

Since I've been active under the sun lately, it finally takes its toll on my hair. Before golf, my hair was easy to manage and I have a routine of coloring, highlighting, spa'ing', treating basically anything to do with maintaining my hair.

And since golf, I noticed that my hair is a little bit drier. It tangles easily and the texture is not as smooth as before. And after a game with another lady golfer 2 weeks ago, while in the changing room I realized that I've forgotten to bring my hair conditioner so desperately I asked my golf buddies if I can have some of theirs. And Tini handed me her Schwarzkopf Bona Cure Moisture Kick in a spray bottle. It worked so well that I thought I've got to share it.

If you happen to hate applying conditioner after you shampoo, this is the product for you. It's also good for those who wants that extra conditioner even after you condition it. It's simple, just spray to your towel dried hair and just blow dry your hair like usual. The product will make the blow drying job easier. No more tangle, no more dry tips.

I got mine at a salon for RM45.00, not bad if it lasts a long time.


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