Sunday, November 15, 2009

I went Brazillian!

So I finally did it!

I had "Brazillian All Off" wax done 2 days ago at The Strip, at the Curve.. I was contemplating on whether to share the experience with the masses or not. Tough call! But for the sake of educational rather than anything else, here's my story...

Did it hurt? BIG TIME!!

Will I do it again? DEFINITELY!!

Why, you asked? IT SO WORTH IT!! (Let me tell you why..)

I had enough gut to actually went ahead with the "All Off" option.. The wax therapist even said that it was brave of me to do that on my first waxing session. I'm not sure if I like the other options though..

I was brought into a room where I was asked to strip down and lie down on the table. I was given an anti-septic wipe to clean myself with before the waxing began.

She saw my hair, and she knew right away that I've been shaving and told me that it's not really a good idea! Well, if waxing is not painful, do you think I'd shave at all?

Anyway, she engaged me in casual talks while at the same time applied the hot hard wax and started stripping it off.. The first one was super painful.. But as I was caught off guard, it wasn't as bad as the following ones. I was swearing and was sweating like pigs.. She did the front, she did the back and she did my lower legs... And I was done! All took just 30 minutes of my time.

I'd say that the Brazillian was worth it! Because I left the salon feeling sexier and more confident. I am looking forward to my second waxing which will probably be three weeks from now...

And yes, the waxer girl saw my "everything" and touched "everywhere" but she's a professional and it's her job so she's used to it.. When the waxing part starts, the embarrassing part disappear.. Believe me..

The price of my painful first time : Around RM150 - Not really sure how much, I had add on for soothing serum or something like that

I bought Thalassothys for Softening Post Depilatory care, a cream that claims to refine the hair and slow hair growth... at RM220.


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