Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Smashbox kits

I blogged about the Sexy Kitty Look for Halloween and little did I know Smashbox Cosmetic actually came up with a make-up set to create the look.  While I was at Sephora's website, I also discover that Smashbox also has make-up set to create Burlesque look (which I tried before and failed!).

Visit Sephora website for the whole complete collection.  I think Smashbox is available in KL, but I'm not sure where.

With the price like that, I think it's worth the purchase!

USD10.00 at Sephora

USD35.00 at Sephora

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween make-up

This year's Halloween, I decided to go with the Kitty Cat Look.  Just because I couldn't find anything easier to do.  Doing makeup for cat look is so much fun and so easy!

I watched a few youtube videos and I decided to go with this and made a little change to the eye area just for fun!

Put on a cat's ear piece, a tail and a black bow and you're ready to walk the room kitty style!


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