Monday, March 15, 2010

Sexy Kitty!

The last post entry on this blog was about me getting Brazilian for the first time and that was four waxes ago.. hehe.. I can now consider myself an expert at the pain.. hehe

But, what I didn't tell you was I have discovered (or rather they discovered me-I got a text message from them), another Full Service Wax Salon in Bangsar Shopping Center namedHoneyPot Wax Boutique. After I tried their service a week before St. Valentine's Day, I have decided that this will be my waxing salon from now on.. Simply because:

a) their prices are much cheaper;
b) their salon looks and feels cleaner than the Strip, and it's all pink!;
c) they provide better service and they don't push you to get the packages.
d) they call their therapists "Sexy Kitty" rather than, well, therapist..
This is their award :)

And I am so happy with this that I am thinking of venturing into a franchise of this business in KK.. Hmm... Any thought? Here's the Tongue in Chic review on HoneyPot.. Click it for more pictures.


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