Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gel nail polish

Since Nails Extreme is closed for the holiday for a long time and I wanted to have a very lasting nail polish (to survive 2 parties and a trip), I decided to try their Gelish Nail Polish.  They claimed that this polish will last at least two weeks or until "professionally" removed.  I'm yet to remove it, I've had it since a week ago.. and guess what, they're still intact even with very minimal (if any) care!

It took a long time to apply and dry.. Drying needs help of UV ray! But once dry, it dries completely so there's no worry of having it scratched its color whatsoever.

Although the color choice is not many, you'll be happy with just the classics because they do have the staying power.  Priced at RM90 for both hands & feet (not inclusive of manicure and pedicure charges), I say they are worth it!

This video shows how they apply & remove it

I went for Pink & here's how mine looks like!


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