Friday, October 22, 2010


Is it just me or any of you also a fan of burlesque? The dance, the make-up, the costume? and now the nail colors too! OPI has come up with their new color collection named Burlesque in conjunction with the movie of the same name which will be released in the cinema (if the government allows this) next month.

I'm gonna do my nails next week Wednesday and I am so gonna use this color!

Tell me if you're a fan too!

OPI website

Burlesque website

Friday, October 15, 2010

Seaweed Treatments

I have super oily skin - something that I've been trying to treat for a looong time.  And Facial Blotter is with me 24/7 (so all that facial blotters in the goodies bag will be put to good use!)

I am in the middle of using Shu Uemura's PuRenovate range when Nic showed me the Seaweed range from Body Shop that does the same job, BUT at much cheaper price.  So I purchased a traveler's set, because I want to see if it works on my skin... and if it does, I will buy the whole range in full size.

I've been using it for two days, so far I see my skin has become less oily, but still oily.  I am going to give it two weeks or at least until the product finish before I decide if I want to stick with it.

RM79.00 set includes
Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser, Clarifying Toner,
Mattifying Day Cream and Clarifying Night Treatment.

Below is the write-up on this product taken from Body Shop US site;


Our innovative Seaweed range delivers essential moisture to where your skin is dry and controls shine when and where you need it. Whether your skin is naturally prone to shine or reacts to the weather, our wild-harvested seaweed is a complete and balanced source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, so your skin is purified and conditioned.

The range is oil-free, alcohol-free and clinically proven to be non-comodogenic. The leave-on products use our special oil-balancing technology that controls existing sebum on the skin for an instantly mattified complexion, while the active ingredients are retained on the skin to be released as oil is produced throughout the day. Your skin appears clarified, hydrated and shine-free all day.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dream Unlimited

Last night, I was invited to the launch of Body Shop new fragrance named Dream Unlimited (tm) and also the opening of its flagship store at Fahrenheit88 (formerly KL plaza).

Like any other Body Shop fragrance, this one too has a strong note to it, which I love by the way and this one I thought was both floral & fresh at the same time.  According to Body Shop, "this exhilarating fragrance features notes of citrus, green chilli, white flowers and cedarwood. It has been created exclusively for The Body Shop by two of the world’s leading perfumers."

I received a bottle of its bath gel in our goodies bag last night, and I shall use it every night!

Make your way to Body Shop to smell for yourself!

Eau de Parfum
Body Wash

Body Lotion

Sorry, I forgot to get the price last night, it was too crowded at the store... But knowing Body Shop, the products are affordable.  

Friday, October 8, 2010

New Looks from Chanel

These are the new looks from Chanel and I'm loving them!!

Can't wait to see this in person when they hit the local counters soon.

Now tell me which one do you like the most?  I actually like the military inspired nail polish.. I may just get one and don it all throughout the remaining of the year! No more pinky nails!


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