Friday, May 30, 2008

Lip Service... ;)

I am so sure that every woman, even those who don't do makeups, has at least one lip gloss/lip stick/lip balm/lip stain or whatever you want to call it. One thing for sure, all of them serve the same purpose, that is to make our lips looks fuller, therefore sexier... admit it or not.

Lipstick should be worn for longer staying color on the lips and must be applied after the lips have been lined. For truer color on the lip, some people suggested that make up foundation should be applied first. I think that every girl should have at least 3 different colors of lipstick; Pink to go with the cool eye shadow color, red to go dramatic with less eye shadow, and nude to go with heavily made up eyes. Also a lip gloss for days when one wishes to have that natural look; also great on top of lipstick.

There are many lipsticks with different formulas available at the market now. Long staying lip stick might be good for some, but for me the normal ones would do. It's just that I like white linen for my bedding and if I once use a long staying lipstick and the color won't get off even after I washed my face and use makeup remover on it. I ended up with stains on my pillow cases the next day. I don't like re-applying my lipstick a lot of time too but I find that it stays longer if I wet my lips now and then. Stays even longer if I apply lip gloss on top of it. And there are some people who like to use brush to apply their lipstick. Do yourselves a favor, don't use brush on your lipstick, lipstick... It's a wastage and you'd end up with ugly, crooked lipstick.. If you must use brush, get a palette of lip color instead. That's what the lip brush for anyway.

There will be argument on which lipstick is the best there is... People has different opinion and different choice. I love Shu Uemura's lipsticks especially the pink color (not sure what the color no is), Bobbi Brown for the browns, MAC for the nude (Not sure the name but it's from the N collection released earlier this year) and Chanel for the red (very Hollywood Glamor) and for lip gloss, nothing beats Lancome Juicy Tubes. The color and the nice smell that goes with it is irresistible. Don't believe me? Ask my husband!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I spy with my eyes...

I know you have heard this before: "Eyes are like windows to the soul"... Ya, old news..

And I also know that cosmetic contact lenses color your soul, err... your eyes. And somehow it changes the size of your eyes and almost the way you look. Some people wear them to correct their eye sight and at the same time experience with colors. As for me, I use them just to experience the colors. And I admit that I'm guilty of trying every color there is in the market and almost all available brand in Malaysia.

I am sure that the popular ones are either Freshkon or Freshlook. There are no difference if you ask me. Some people thinks that Freshkon lenses are thicker than Freshlook. For me, the difference is only in the color and of course price. Freshkon being the cheaper lot but the price difference won't make impact on your wallet anyway.

I use them to enhance my eyes or at least the way they look when I go out for dinner, party or club. Once, I wore aqua color contact lens for a theme party and at that time I had super black hair, long and straight. People almost scared of me, I thought because I look like a goth girl, except maybe instead of black nail color, I use red, bright red. Needless to say, that was the one and only time I wore that color.

From all the experience I have with colored contact lenses, I learned that not everybody can pull off every color. While brown & green look more natural on my eyes against my skin tone, blue & grey make me look sickly. Don't even imagine me in purple! There's one color that's almost brown but it's lighter and if I'm not mistaken they named it 'Honey'... I look like I'm down with jaundice if I put that on!

But most of the time, I go crazy on my eye shadow and leave my eye color au naturel... Saves me from discomfort and dried up eyes. Especially when going to a club with all the smokes!! It may look sexy at 8pm when you are getting ready, but at 1 pm, people might scream thinking that my eyes are bleeding!

FYI, using contact lenses too often over time can tear your eyes and leads to infection. That's what happened to an aunt, the doctor told her when she went to do Lasik on her eyes, she had been wearing contact lenses everyday for more than 10 years!

Besides, don't you think that too much of fake are... well, just too much..?

Good Day, Mr. Sun!

I casually mentioned the need for facial sun screen to a girlfriend when she said that she has been using Lancome UV Expert DNA Shield with SPF 50. I thought I should try this on the days when I need to be under the sun for hours. So, I made my way to Lancome counter in Subang Parade and purchased one (costs me around RM160.00 for 30ml).
I didn't really study about this product before I bought one. I trusted my friend. What better way to trust a product than word of mouth? Being new to this (I usually put on moisturizer with minimal sun protection), I didn't know how and when to apply it. So, I instead of asking the consultant at the counter, I googled it instead and found this website. By now I already know that sun block is to be applied at least 30 minutes before skin exposure to the sun, and to be re-applied after 2 hours.

I have been using this for the last 2 months and so far I'm very happy with the result. I'm sure everybody's aware of what harm can the Sun do to our skin, and I'm sure don't wish to take it lightly. So far I haven't had any skin problem related to the Sun, around my face.. No pigmentation, no premature wrinkle and hoping that there won't be any forever! Just wish that it's a cheaper so I can apply them all over my body!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

False, Faux, Fake?

Lucy introduced or shall I say taught me about Fake Lashes in May last year. When I saw her wearing them when she came to visit, I was amazed or rather fascinated. I wonder if I could put one too. If yes, that would be the end of my non-existence lashes.

So we went to Shu Uemura's counter somewhere in KL and I bought myself a pair. I must say the first time I put it on, I had quite a headache. Maybe because my lids were adjusting to the increment of weight caused by the super thick lashes.

And then I got hooked. There was not one day went by without me wearing a pair. It has became an obsession... The first month was rather difficult for me to put them on. But then after that, it was total breeze. Now, I only need 5 minutes to put both of them on. Used to take me almost one hour!

I know Shu Uemura's lashes are getting expensive now, that's why sometimes I opted for cheaper versions. Here in Subang, it is very easy to get a good quality fake lashes, those that are normally used by makeup artists. They use synthetic hair but it's soft to touch, not as soft as Shu Uemura/MAC lashes. But strangely, these cheap lashes are more durable than shu uemuras or MACs. Maybe because it's synthetic but really, I don't know why...

Anyway, here's my collection of fake lashes.

I can't help but to let you know that my all-time favorite is Luxe Black by Shu Uemura. The look is soft & natural yet fabulous!
To those of you who'd like to try but don't know how to, you can visit any fake lashes counters and I am sure the sales people will teach you the way. The one in Wisma Merdeka was quite helpful. I post a video tutorial here I got from Youtube just in case:

Monday, May 26, 2008

How often do you change your skincare products range?

I know almost every girl can't go a day without skin care. I am too. My question is 'How often do you change your skincare product range?'

I believe that, just like antibiotics, our skin will eventually get immune after using the same skin care range overtime.

As for myself, the longest range of skincare I've ever used was Biotherm Biopur range. After almost 3 years, I found that it wasn't working anymore. Due to financial constraint at that time, I opted for less expensive products that can be found in pharmacy and tried Loreal Pure Zone. It did good to my skin. Friends & family told me my skin looked better, I guess they worked. I have been using them since.

Until recently, I took up golf which means I will be under the Sun for at least 4 hours at a time. I went to every cosmetic/skincare counter to look for something non-greasy and help me with uneven skin tone (must thank Lucy for this). After a lot of sampling, I decided on Biotherm Line Peel. Guess it's the right skin care for women of my skin's condition; scars, uneven skin tone, oily and aging.

Check out the range, click here.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yet another blog...

A girly girl can never stops talking about make up or any other beauty products... Hence, the birth of another blog of mine.

It's true when they said "Beauty is not skin deep" but hey! it doesn't hurt if you are easy on others' eyes. I am sure that every girl wants to look their best everyday.

This blog is meant for us to share our opinions and experience with the massive number of beauty products that are available in the market now.

If you happen to visit this blog with only one post, do come back. I will be blogging about my experience with a girl's second bestfriend, cosmetics...


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