Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rouge Coco

I have been waiting for the launch of this product since last year... So when the girl at the Chanel counter told me of the launch date, I marked my calendar.. I was THAT excited!

I signed up for Chanel's cosmetic newsletter in the hope that I'd get latest news on their latest fragrance.  I am a BIG fan of Chanel fragrance!

Anyway, I bought a tube of the latest Chanel lipstick Rouge Coco in Legende, the same color worn by Vanessa Paradis in the TV ad.  I am sure you have watched the TV ad by now.  In case you haven't, this is the youtube link.

Here's the write-up on that tube of pure classic:

ROUGE COCO dresses the lips in an easy and self-evident daily beauty step.
Thanks to its soft, creamy texture and its luxurious, timeless packaging, it is the confidante of each moment of a woman’s life, finding its natural place in the handbags of women today.

The new ROUGE COCO formula combines hydration and comfort.
Created by CHANEL, the Hydratender complex delivers 8-hour hydration with a single application.
The choice of pigments with an utmost quality optimizes the formula’s comfort.
ROUGE COCO offers a satiny and luminous makeup result.

Elegant and luminous, the 30 shades of the range are easy to wear and can be used in your own individual way, according to your mood. 
From legendary sites to favorite pieces of jewelry, from passions to symbols, their names recount the life story of Gabrielle Chanel.

A classic has never been expressed this freely

At just below RM100 a tube, I'd say it's worth it.. you can feel the luxury on your lips!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Nails & colors

How often do you go to nail salon?

If time is on my side, I'll try and visit them every 3 weeks, just for basic manicure & pedicure.. I don't really fancy nail arts.. I mean, how do you eat and do house chores with nails that has got 3D stuffs and ring dangling from it? Besides, they don't really look professional, right?

Anyway, I've been going to this place in USJ Taipan called Nail Extreme since 2007.. The only place I'm comfortable with who carries OPI, so I always trust that they have the latest color collection.

My current rage is The Alice in Wonderland Collection. I've used Mad as a Hatter (shiny purplish glitterish) and Thanks so Muchness! (Very red almost berry color).. They have a miniature collection that I'm thinking of getting.. Just because they're cute!

Another one that I really like is the Suede collection.. Too bad, this nail colors don't last that long, because they don't apply Top Coat, to get the "suede effect".

I swear on OPI nail color.. I think they are the best.. The names are cute too! Believe it or not, the only time I don't have nail color on my toes was 7 days in December last year because of the scheduled surgery.. Apart from that, my toenails are colored every single day since 2007.


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