Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cookie Care

Would you believe me that there are also products to care for your "cookie"? Just like men's aftershave etc. for their shaved parts?

I thought just ordinary feminine wash would do the job, but apparently there are hundreds if not thousands of these products in the market.  I thought it would just be product gimmick at first but one that is a sucker for sweet talk, I purchased a set of three "cookie care".  These products are to be used by people who normally wax..

Ok.. I know you'd probably be wondering what are these cute pinkish stuffs... Let me explain..

Smooth Operator

After wax or shave, you'd need this to exfoliate the sensitive skin area.  It's actually a scrub.  Ok this is what's written on the bottle:

" A gentle, PH balanced scrub, quickly polishes dry areas, removes dead cells and clears congested pores.  Helps releases ingrown hairs, for smoother softer looking skin "

Goodbye Forever!

This spray on is to help minimize the appearance of ingrown hair... This one can be used on the face too.. and I've been using it for all over right after shaving or waxing.. Nice smell too!

RM100 for 125ml.

Strawberry Champagne Cocktail

It's not just a moisturizer, it's a seductive moisturizer for all the right places!    It's strawberry scented is so yummy!

Too bad that Smooth Operator and Strawberry Cocktails have been discontinued and will be replaced by new improved formula.  I have put my order on them and will blog about it when I get to try them soon.

I will definitely add these to my daily grooming routine.  Because believe it or not, it does make some difference and improvement.  Hubby even commented on it one day :D  Of course you just need to take my words for it.. I can't be showing you picture proof!! 

Friday, July 2, 2010


I love classic 60's pin-up look, it's very glamorous, very burlesque, very Dita Von Teese!

I once blogged about wanting to try the look.

This is how I looked after trying out a youtube tutorial by the beautiful Ms Jessica Harlow.

Did I miss something? Or I just don't have what it takes to look like a sultry 60's pin-up girl/burlesque dancer? LOL!

Maybe because I didn't do the wings? Or I didn't draw beauty mark? Or is it because I DO NOT have almost white porcelain skin?

Anyway, this look is very OK for day time even with the red lipstick..  What do you think?

P/S: I'm too lazy to type all the products I used to achieve this look... sorry!


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