Monday, August 24, 2009

Wish you're here...

I got to know about Molton Brown when I was in London in January, but back then, I thought what's the point of getting their products if I don't have a bath tub, right? I didn't know back then that I was going to move into a place with my own bath tub...

Anyway, during my recent trip to Sydney, I stumbled upon their store, in fact their first ever store in Australia. I got so excited and it took me almost half an hour browsing through their store trying to get some products I like. And since I was there on their anniversary, they gave me miniature samples as gifts! I like it!

These were what I got.. All 3 for around RM450.00 after currency conversion. Since I wasn't paying, I didn't mind!

I am crazy about bubble bath, especially those that claims to relax our muscles. The feeling of that hot warm water coupled with nice aroma of that bubble bath after a round of golf is simply divine! Since moving to this place, I have been taking long steamy bath almost every other day!

Too bad that Molton Brown is not available in Malaysia. The nearest place I can get them is from Singapore and they are being sold at hotels and spas. Which means that their retail price will be higher. Even those that I got from Sydney are more expensive than the ones I saw in London. Maybe it's the logistic and taxes that they need to cover.

I am sure going to buy a lot more when I visit London next!

More than that, I wish that Molton Brown's here... Maybe I should contact them one day.. hmmm...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hair pampering session

I was invited by Harper Bazaar a couple of weeks ago for Hair Pampering Session at Peek-A-Boo Salon in TTDI. I wanted to blog about it but put off the idea until I'm free. So here I am...

The session start with one of Kerastase representative gave us a presentations on the causes of hair loss, dandruff and other hair problems. Most answer we can get online but at least, in this session, we could ask questions. And after the presentation, we were brought to a room with a machine for hair and scalp inspection. When I got mine inspected, the machine/computer 'hang' twice! Goes to show that even machines couldn't take my 'destroyed' hair... Hehehe..

Anyway, the guy who looked at my scalp and hair suggested that I have very oily scalp, a fact that I've known forever. And apparently, due to this, my hair growth isn't considered normal. Normal hair follicles apparently holds five or more strands of hair and mine, well just about three.. And most of them are weak. Panic?!! You think?

And then he went on inspecting my hair tips. For this, he suggested that I have very dry tips... And chemically damaged, due to constant dyeing and lack of hair treatment. I thought I had to cut my hair really short, thinking that's the only way I could save them... However, he said I could still save them... with frequent treatment... Hmmm... Was it just a 'gimmick' so that I'd buy their products?

And so me & the other ladies had our hair pampered, by having hair spa treatment and gentle massage on the scalp & shoulder. It was so nice that I didn't want it to stop.. Believe me, it was truly pampering!

Oh and, I was told that in order for me to NOT get thinning line on my hair part, I must change my hair parting side often and instead of doing a straight line, I should do a zig zag line... This gives the illusion that I have a lot of hair at the crown... Good tips, I'd say!

I left the salon feeling pampered and with a bag of Kerastase products and vouchers for free! Yeay!


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